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In 2013 the Greek Revival house adjacent to Unity Hall was condemned.

Due to years of water infiltration and neglect by its absentee landlord, the structure of the home was beyond repair. With the goal of turning the safety hazard into a community park, the MVC purchased the lot. Over the following months the house was deconstructed piece by piece, allowing materials to be reused and funding the cost of the operation, as well as helping towards the construction of a community Park on the site. Prior to dismantling, the structure was recorded in detail by Architectural Historians. After the site was brought to its foundations an archaeological dig was conducted, collecting and preserving historic ceramics manufactured in the region.

41 mohawk street

Through collaborations between young architects, experienced local builders, and committed community volunteers, Unity Park is taking shape. When complete the Park will be an extension of the adjacent Cultural Center, Unity Hall. In the warmer months the Park’s outdoor Pavilion Stage will host concerts as well as film screenings. Throughout the year the Pavilion’s facade will hold cubbies for the Free Exchange of goods between neighbors surrounding the Park.

render 2
Render by design team member Seb Choe.

Raised Beds along Mohawk Street will use a modified Hugelkultur system to enrich a selection of edible plants, curated by sustainability virtuosa and MVC Board Member, Jo Clayson. The small Garden will give cause for neighbors to steward the public space, provide education opportunities for students to engage with the earth and think critically about what we consume, and allow collective volunteers and neighbors to snack on fresh, organic produce while in the Park.

Render by designer and MVC staff member Emily Brockenbrough.

The new Community Park is being built through Volunteer Construction Weekends. The public’s active engagement in Unity Park’s construction helps build an intersectional social network, connecting both Villagers and Stakeholders alike to the project. The MVC and park designers encourage Villagers or Friends of all levels to come out to lend a hand and learn a skill!

MVC Staff and community Volunteers bury electrical lines to future Park Structures. September, 2017
Neighbors and the Park Design Team excavate for the install of perforated pavers. August, 2018
Perforated Pavers are installed along Mohawk Street. October, 2018

Keep an eye out for Volunteer Calls on MVC’s Instagram, and as always if you have a skill you’re able to contribute or just want to stop by to learn more, shoot us an email or message, hands of all ages and abilities are welcome!


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