Linda Kellett

  • September 30, 2015
  • Samantha Wrigglesworth

Although Linda had served the MVC in the capacity of volunteer and staff member for many years, she joined the board during the summer of 2015 bringing communications, networking skills and contacts to the organization as the secretary.

Rich loamy soil, an abundant supply of water, and gently contoured hillsides with rolling pastures of alfalfa, timothy, and hay were among the assets that attracted Linda Kellett and her family to the Mohawk Valley in 1990. Natives of a small community on the Delaware River divided in half by Broome and Delaware Counties in New York state, they moved to the area that year to operate a 75-cow dairy farm.

While Linda’s no longer on the farm they toiled over just outside of Fort Plain, the Mohawk River and the valley’s rich history, distinctive architecture, geography, and people continue to capture her interest and imagination.

Although trained as an educator, the mother and grandmother was a writer at heart and worked over 15 years in the field of print journalism, playing with words and images, and chronicling the lives and times of the valley’s inhabitants. She still enjoys crafting words, looking for stories, and thinking of ways to tell them.

She’s held other positions over the years, as well, for example, coordinating story hour programs at the local library, working in customer service positions, and helping the Mohawk Valley Collective to launch its Regional Visitors Center in Canajoharie in 2013.

Her personal interests include spending time with her family — especially her grandson — and engaging in crafts, painting, writing, reading, hiking, camping, and learning about new things.

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