Ted Arndt

  • October 23, 2014
  • 2013MVC

Ted Arndt was a founder of the Mohawk Valley Collective (then known as
Historic Fort Plain) and the Secretary from its inception in July 2011
through late 2013.

He was born in Washington, DC, and moved frequently, living in six states on
both coasts as his father changed duty stations in the US Navy. He enrolled
at SUNY Maritime College in The Bronx, NY.

After graduation he was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy and served
aboard various warships for four years, eventually becoming captain of ferry
vessels for North Carolina DOT at Hatteras Island.

During his time in the Navy, Ted married Lizabeth Jocelyn, his high school
sweetheart. After years of maritime involvement, Mr. Arndt began working as
a special education teacher, finding his way to Fort Plain Central School
District, where he has taught and later worked as an administrator for more
than a decade.

He and his wife Libby have two children, Jocelyn and Christian.  Both
children attend Harvard University while pursuing a career in music. The
family currently reside in Fort Plain, NY.

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