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There are several ways for you to contribute to the mission of Mohawk Valley Collective. You can volunteer your time and talents, make a donation towards our restoration projects, and even become a member.

Your donation to Mohawk Valley Collective via the address below would be a tremendous help towards our goal. We have raised some money towards the purchase of the building, with the rest made up of loans. We hope to repay those loans and start renovating the building, but will require more of your support to turn it into a resource for the community. [Out of date?]

Please take a moment and make a donation now to help make the project happen!

Download our donation form here…

Please send checks or money orders to:

Mohawk Valley Collective
P.O.Box 53
Fort Plain, NY 13339

Please write Unity Hall in the memo line.



At this time we are working on expanding our mailing lists.  If you are interested, please email your information to :




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Mailing Address:
PO Box 53
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