41 Mohawk is a plot of property purchased by the MVC in early 2013 and the abandoned house on the lot was torn down soon after. So far we have spent roughly a quarter of what we estimate will be needed to complete our plans for the Unity Hall Park. The amount raised was made up of donations, other grants, and since we are focused on being ‘green,’ from the sale of salvaged building materials from the house formerly on the lot. Rather than simply knock the house down with a wrecking ball, we dismantled it piece by piece and sold most of it to go towards covering our costs for the purchase of the building and the park.


When completed, the park would feature stone paths leading past a small fountain to a gazebo. Elsewhere in the park would be picnic tables and benches crafted from the old-growth lumber salvaged from the Erie Canal-era house that stood on the lot, a variety of small trees and raised garden beds for growing flowers and other plants, all lit by antique-style street lamps. The 3D renderings of our ongoing project is seen below.

church courtyard 2 view 1
church courtyard 2 view 2
church courtyard 2

As part of this project we have enlisted local students and senior citizens to help change what had long been a neighborhood and Village eyesore to make a visually appealing park while creating a success story we can model elsewhere. We already have local carpenters stonemasons, patio-layers, gardeners, and arborists committed to helping us carry out this project, which is currently about a third completed.

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