Steven Donovan

  • September 30, 2015
  • Samantha Wrigglesworth

Steven Donovan is our former Vice President. A native of Upper Darby, PA, Steven moved to New York City at the age of 19 to seek his fame and fortune in the visual arts. In the intervening years, life happened: He attended college; got married to Debbie, his wife of over 20 years; and expanded their family with the additions of children. Together, the couple has a total of four children and a beloved black Labrador Retriever.

He has worked as a cab driver in New York City, noting that he’s “adept at driving on sidewalks.” He’s served as a radio disk jockey, devoted a decade of his life to Christian ministry, and labored in various capacities in the bus transportation industry. In 1985, he returned on a part-time basis to his first love: art.

Steven has a wry sense of humor about his circuitous journey. He said he came to New York to find his fame and fortune. During a recent interview, he quipped, “I’m still looking for it.”

In more recent years, Steven has devoted his life to his passion. He specializes in abstractions and non-representational contemporary/modern art. He’s had works shown in galleries in the Hudson and Mohawk valleys and has served as a member of the board of directors of the Arts Factory of Montgomery County.

His hobbies include stamp collecting and model railroading. Steven is currently the president of the Mohawk Valley Philatelic Society and of the Hudson Hollow Model Railroad Club, which provides the railroad exhibits at the annual Fonda Fair.

Steven’s involvement with the Mohawk Valley Collective began during the spring of 2015. He hopes to be “thoughtful” about what the organization’s mission statement is and how the directors should develop that under the financial leadership of the organization’s treasurer and the overall leadership of the president.

Additionally, he said that he also hopes “to be able to contribute some ideas from the artistic standpoint, in terms of what an arts and cultural center might look like or might feel like when we develop neighborhoods.”

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