Hein Kraak

  • October 23, 2014
  • 2013MVC

Hein Kraak has been involved with the Historic West Hill School Committee (as the president) and Unity Hall project since the beginning and was a director, and eventually President of the Mohawk Valley Collective Board of Directors from 2013 through early-2015. To his sons’ chagrin, he also earned the distinction of “master shooter” for the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin attraction at Disney World at Orlando, FL, 2012.

A resident of Canajoharie since 2001, Hein and his wife, Autumn, have two sons and formerly owned the Elephant Bistro and Twilight Gardens Boutique & Cafe. Hein is also an independent contractor, the owner of New Amsterdam Contracting of Canajoharie.

He is a native of the Netherlands, where he earned a master’s degree in maritime engineering. He’s licensed to sail a supertanker and has been around the world 11 times in a 12-year sailing career.

Hein enjoys helping around the community. His handiwork is evident in the Onatah Cafe (the former Elephant Bistro), renovations to the 89 Church Street venue of the MVC Regional Visitor’s Center and Emotional Outlet (formerly Tony’s Pizzeria), and numerous other private properties.

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