Doug Gray

  • September 30, 2015
  • Samantha Wrigglesworth

Doug Gray is a Director of the Mohawk Valley Collective. He and his wife, Lynn, the CEO of the Remington Federal Credit Union, moved to the Mohawk Valley from New England in 2013, settling in historic Fort Plain, NY.

A native of Massachusetts, Doug grew up in Vermont and graduated from Castleton College, where he studied business management and economics. He’s held several challenging supervisory and/or management-types of positions over his decades-long work history: Over the years, he has worked as an expeditor for a textile company; a warehouse manager for a Texaco distribution company; and an IT support representative specializing in computer networking and software applications for a company providing computer systems to independent bookstore and newspaper conglomerates.

The father of two enjoys being outdoors, playing golf, and working around his yard. Other leisure-time activities high on Doug’s list of hobbies and interests include spending time with his wife on the weekends, visiting antique shops, and seeking out historic houses to look at.
Doug and his wife also travel to Scotland quite a bit to visit her family, and he derives pleasure in traveling and visiting new countries. Standing out as a particularly meaningful experience was his participation as a 12-year-old in the 13th Boy Scout World Jamboree in Japan. He described it as an “amazing experience.”

Among his most cherished pastimes is time spent with his grandson.

Doug’s involvement with the Mohawk Valley Collective, Inc., began during the spring of 2015. When asked what he believes he can contribute to the nonprofit organization, he said, “I’d like to think I bring enthusiasm and willingness” to accomplish the organization’s mission. Doug said that he would also like to help improve the community in which he lives.

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