Current Board Members

Steven Donovan Header

Steven Donovan

Since - Spring 2015

Steven Donovan is our Vice President. A native of Upper Darby, PA, Steven moved to New York City at the age of 19 to seek his fame and fortune in [...]

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Doug Gray_HeaderCrop

Doug Gray

Since - Winter 2015

Doug Gray is a Director of the Mohawk Valley Collective. He and his wife, Lynn, the CEO of the Remington Federal Credit Union, moved to the Mohawk Valley from New [...]

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Tolga Morawski

Since - Spring 2011

Tolga Morawski founded the Mohawk Valley Collective (MVC), formerly known as Historic Fort Plain, with two friends in 2011 and currently serves as a Director on the Board. Tolga was [...]

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Gerritt Platel

Since - February 2015

Gerritt Platel is President of the Mohawk Valley Collective. Historic preservation is a passion of Mohawk Valley Collective President Gerritt Platel. The son of a contractor, the Rensselaerville, NY, native [...]

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Tanya Towne

Since - Spring 2012

Tanya Towne has served on the Board of Directors since Spring of 2012, serving as the Secretary from Fall of 2016, until September 2017, when she became the organization’s Treasurer. [...]

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Jocelyn Mosher

Since - Summer 2017

Jocelyn became out bookkeeping assistant in Fall of 2015. Jocelyn has since joined the Board in August of 2017, becoming Secretary in September, in addition to continuing as our bookkeeping [...]

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Jo Clayson

Since - May 2018

Jo has lived in upstate NY most of her life, but ran out of fingers and toes to count the moves before putting down roots in Herkimer County in 2003.  Jo has been [...]

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Current Staff


Andrew Salimian

Since - Summer 2015

Andrew joined us in June of 2015 as an intern and later became a Preservation Associate, effective 2/20/17 he has become MVC’s Executive Director. He received an Architecture degree from [...]


Sam Wrigglesworth

Since - Spring 2015

Sam grew up in Portland, OR and moved to Brooklyn when she completed high school. While in New York, she came to the MVC as an intern in May of [...]

Emily_Brockenbrough-updated 2

Emily Brockenbrough

Since - Spring 2016

Part of the Mohawk Valley Collective since Spring 2016, Emily is a designer dedicated to the mission of aligning the built environment with community needs. She holds a degree in [...]


Jocelyn Mosher

Since - Fall 2015

Jocelyn became our bookkeeping assistant in Fall of 2015. Jocelyn has since joined the Board in August of 2017, becoming Secretary in September, in addition to continuing as our bookkeeping [...]


Seb Choe

Since -

Seb Choe joined the Mohawk Valley Collective in Summer 2017 and is working on the design of Unity Park at 41 Mohawk Street. They are a recent graduate of Columbia [...]

Former Board Members


Ted Arndt

Start - Summer 2011
End - Winter 2013

Ted Arndt was a founder of the Mohawk Valley Collective (then known as Historic Fort Plain) and the Secretary from its inception in July 2011 through late 2013. He was [...]


Nick Drummond

Start - Spring 2014
End - Spring 2015

Nick Drummond served as a Director of the Mohawk Valley Collective. He was born in Annapolis, Maryland. Following high school, he attended the University of Maryland (UMD) earning a B.S. [...]


Hein Kraak

Start - Fall 2013
End - Winter 2015

Hein Kraak has been involved with the Historic West Hill School Committee (as the president) and Unity Hall project since the beginning and was a director, and eventually President of the Mohawk Valley [...]


Linda Kellett

Start - Spring 2015
End - Summer 2016

Although Linda had served the MVC in the capacity of volunteer and staff member for many years, she joined the board during the summer of 2015 bringing communications, networking skills [...]


John McGlone

Start - Spring 2013
End - Summer 2014

John McGlone joined the Board of Directors of Mohawk Valley Collective in 2013.  He served the MVC through the Summer of 2014, acting as Secretary. While globally experienced, John describes himself as [...]


Bob Perry

Start - Summer 2011
End - Summer 2013

Robert V. Perry was President of the Mohawk Valley Collective from its inception in July 2011 as Historic Fort Plain through the Summer of 2013. He was born, raised, and [...]


Robert Smith

Start - Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
End - Winter - Fall 2014

Robert was a Director of the Mohawk Valley Collective. He and his wife, Ina, raised their two daughters in a large Stick-style Victorian home and four-stall carriage house in the [...]

Former Staff


Sarah Silverblatt Buser

Start - Fall 2014
End - Spring 2015

Growing up immersed in the small but intense world of classical ballet, Sarah has always held a deep passion for the performing arts. In May of 2015, Sarah earned a [...]


Carla Penque

Start - Fall 2014
End - Fall 2015

It’s with heavy hearts that the Mohawk Valley Collective shares the unexpected passing of Preservationist Carla Penque. Carla had spent 2014 through 2015 as an intern with the MVC as [...]


David Gassett

Start - Spring 2015
End - Summer 2015

David joined us in May of 2015, after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Archaeology from Columbia University. David has a strong appreciation for history and its [...]


Meg Madorin

Start - Fall 2014
End - Spring 2015

Meg Madorin holds a BFA in dance from New York University and has worked with New York-based dance companies and organizations, both through artistic and administrative/PR work. Prior to the [...]

Elizabeth Rodgers_HeaderCrop

Elizabeth Rodgers

Start - Fall 2013
End - Summer 2015

Elizabeth Rodgers has always been interested in art. An avid quilter, the Barnard College history major has sewn since childhood and was involved with costume design for her Boston-area high [...]


Charlotte Volpe

Start - Fall 2012
End - Winter 2013

Former MVC intern Charlotte Volpe is passionate about history, so when an opportunity presented itself to work with an upstate organization dedicated to the preservation of local history and architecture, [...]


Whitney Wei

Start - Spring 2013
End - Spring 2015

An artist in her own right, former intern Whitney Wei has brought her unique skill set and creative talents to the Mohawk Valley Collective over her two-year association with the [...]

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